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This Linux site is dedicated to providing tutorials, help, documentation, on-line training, guides and links for Linux users.
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YoLinux Tutorials Index:
Linux installation, configuration, administration, security, programming, web, LDAP, etc...
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Access your server based LDAP address book via the Web, email client, cell phone

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Linux HowTo Information

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Security Alert!!!
Security/System Updates:
Red Hat Linux:
Latest Kernel Source: [3.0] - [2.6] - [2.4] - [2.2]
Linux Driver Updates:
Security Announcements:
Linux Vulnerabilities:

General Linux Information:
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Linux Searches/Info Linux Distributions General Linux Information Linux Security
Linux Searches: Linux Packages: General Search Portals: Publications: Distributions: CD Distributors: Download Linux: NVidia Drivers: Special Purpose Linux: Commercial Support: Linux Training / Certification: Linux Beginners: Linux Installation: Linux Documentation: Help/Info On The Web: Linux User Groups: (LUG) Linux News Portals: Linux News/Usenet Groups: Security Info: US government sites: Security Incident/Response Centers: Underground Hacker Sites: Security Tools:

Linux Software and Applications:
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Linux Base Linux Desktop Applications Linux Server Applications Other: Downloads/Networking/...
YoLinux First Step Tutorials:

Base Software Distribution:

Package Managers: X-Windows: Window Managers:
Comparison of X-window managers
Desktop Managers: Kernel:
YoLinux Desktop Tutorials:


Scanners: Linux CD Burning: Graphics: Illustration/Manipulation: Linux Video: Office and Business Apps:
YoLinux Overview, Comparison and Links to more office suites
VoIP Soft Clients: Linux Games: Electrical Engineering: Mechanical Engineering:
YoLinux Admin Tutorials:

Linux Server Tools:

Systems Monitoring: Time Series Monitoring Software:
  • Cacti - graphing, monitoring - uses RRDtool
  • RRDtool - Network data collection
Datacenter and Enterprise Admin:
  • Puppet - Ruby datacenter admin.
  • CfEngine admin, monitoring, config, backups
  • Ansible - ssh and YAML for config
  • Chef - declare sate
  • Salt - remote management
  • Bcfg2 - client-server (Argone labs)
  • LCFG - Large Scale ConFiGuration
  • Bladelogic - BMC datacenter suite
Cluster / GRID Management: ISP / Web Farm Management: IP Services: VoIP:

E-Mail: Links/Info for the three basic components of Internet Mail:

  1. MTA: Mail Transfer Agents
  2. Mail Retrieval Software - pop3, imap, etc
  3. E-Mail clients - Netscape, MUTT, etc
Mailman email list -TUTORIAL

VCARD: E-Business Card

LDAP: Databases:
Software & Application Download Sites: Cloud Computing: Commercial: Network Monitoring Software:
  • MRTG - Multi-Router Traphic Grapher
  • NTop - show network usage
  • OpenNMS - enterprise network
Networking: VPN: Virtual Private Network File Sharing: Samba: Backup/Restore:

Web Technology:
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Web Web Clients / Site Tools Web Server Web Server Apps
YoLinux Web Tutorials:

HTML / XHTML: CSS: XML: WEB: Images: Sound Files:
Web Browsers: Chrome Web Dev: Mozilla / Firefox: Web Site Construction Tools: robots.txt: favicon.ico: Sitemap Generation (XML): Javascript: Flash:
YoLinux Web Server Tutorials:

HTTP Servers:

CGI: Server Development Tools: Web Services: Public Web APIs: Site Speed Analysis: Web Site Management:
  • Bower - web package management
  • Gulp - Google CDN
Web Server Apps: Content Management (CMS) / Publishing: E-Commerce Software: Instant Messaging: Calendar Servers: Search Engine Software: News/INN: (InterNetNews) Usenet

Linux Programming and Software Development:
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Linux Developers Development Tools Languages/API Programming Info/Tutorials
YoLinux Developer Tutorials:


Source for source: OSS Projects:
GNU Developer Tools: Linux Developer Tools: Linux Editors: Source Code Control: UML: XML: JAVA: C++ Development: (TUTORIALS) Other C++ Links: GNOME/GTK: X/Motif: Motif Vendors: CORBA: CODE Snippets: Information: 3D Programming: RFCs, Standards and Specs: Speech tech: Linux Sound: Methodologies: Architecture:

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Linux Hardware Component Vendors Hardware Info Add on systems

PC Components: Linux Compatible Hardware
- Ultimate PC hardware, components lists and links
How to add an extra hard drive - TUTORIAL
Hardware Standards - Links


E-Shopping: - price comparison sites Portable Hardware: Mouse Info: Misc Info:
Video Cards: Host Bus Adapter Cards:
SCSI, Fibre Channel
Network Cards: Sound Cards: Analog Modems: Network routers/Switches: Recycle:
Hardware Info: Mother Boards: Open Hardware: RAID Systems: - Storage NAS: - Network Attached Storage Tape Backup Systems: Computer Speaker Systems: UPS Systems: (Backup Power)
  • Best
  • APC - American Power Conversion
Printers/Drivers: Network Systems: Accessories:

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