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Trac Wiki Formatting:

This tutorial covers the formatting of text for the Trac wiki server.

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Trac Wiki Formatting:

Display Trac/Wiki Format Code HTML Code Equivalent
A forced line
A forced line[[br]]break. A forced line<br>break.
Bold text '''Bold text''' <b> </b>
Italic text ''Italic text'' <i> </i>
Bold italic text '''''Bold italic text''''' <b><i> </i></b>
Underline __Underline__ <u> </u>
Monospace text {{{Monospace text}}}
`Monospace text`
<tt> </tt>
strike-through ~~strike-through~~ <del> </del>
Textsuperscript ^superscript^ <sup> </sup>
Textsubscript ,,subscript,, <sub> </sub>
''' !'''
The "!" escapes the Trac Wiki parser.


= Heading = Same as HTML "h1"


== Subheading == Same as HTML "h2"

Smaller subheading

===Smaller subheading=== Same as HTML "h3"
Text line 1
Text line 2
Text line 1[[BR]]Text line 2 HTML line break <br>
  • List item one
  • List item two
    • Nested item
 * List item one
* List item two
* Nested item

Note: A blank space must be present before the "*".

HTML unordered list:
<li>List item one</li>
<li>List item two
<li>Nested item</li>
  1. List item one
    1. Nested item
  2. List item two
    1. Nested item
 1. List item one
i. Nested item
2. List item two
a Nested item

Note: A blank space must be present before the list item: "1"

HTML ordered list:
<li>List item one
<ol type="lower-roman">
<li>Nested item</li>
<li>List item two
<ol type="lower-alpha">
<li>Nested item</li>
Cell 1 Cell 2 Cell 3
Cell 4 Cell 5 Cell 6
||Cell 1||Cell 2||Cell 3||
||Cell 4||Cell 5||Cell 6||
<table border>
<tr><td>Cell 1</td><td></td>Cell 2</td><td></td>Cell 3</td></tr>
<tr><td>Cell 4</td><td></td>Cell 5</td><td></td>Cell 6</td></tr>

(URLs ending in .png, .gif or .jpg are interpreted as image links. See "Creating Wiki links" below)

<img src="http://URL-goes-here/images/image-file.gif">
For more information on Trac Wiki formatting, see WikiFormatting

Embed an image included as an "attachment" in the body of a wiki page:

  • At the bottom of the wiki page select "Attach file"
  • Add a GIF, PNG or JPG image file
  • The attachement will be listed at the bottom of the page under the heading "Attachments"
  • Select the hyper-link to the image attachment to view the URL. it will be similar to:
  • In the body of the wiki page specify the wiki format:
    or relative path:

Note the URL path difference between "attachment/" and "raw-attachment/"

Creating Wiki links:

  • Web URL: [http://URL-goes-here Link text goes here]
    (Traditional HTML link)
  • Create a link to a Trac Milestone:
    • milestone:1.2
    • milestone:"Release maui"
  • Create link to Subversion for given revision changeset:
    • [subversion-revision-number-goes-here]
    • r207, r209
    • changeset:207
    Prefix the Subversion revision number with the letter "r" to have Wiki formatting create a link to the Subversion revision logs.
  • Trac multi-repository configuration - link to Subversion changeset:
    • r207/projectx, r3809/projecty
    Add the Subversion repository name to the revision specified.
  • Create link to Subversion revision logs:
    • r3:5
    • [3:5]
    • log:branches/version6.2-beta#3:5
      Where "version6.2-beta" is the name of the branch for which logs are to be reported.
  • Create link to Trac ticket:
    • #ticket-number-goes-here
    • #45
      Note: To escape the "#" without making it a link, prefix with a "!". i.e. !#45 will not generate a link.
    • ticket:45
  • Create link to a specific file:
    • source:trunk/dira/dirb/file.cpp
    • source:"trunk/dira/dirb/file with spaces.cpp"
      (Files with spaces in the name should be encapsulated in quotes.)
  • Create link to a specific revision of a file: source:trunk/dira/dirb/file.cpp#207
  • Create link to a report:
    • {report-number-goes-here}
    • report:report-number-goes-here
  • Create link to Wiki page: CamelCaseStringGoesHere
    This becomes a link to an HTML page of the same name.
  • Link to a Trac Wiki attachment: attachment:presentation.ppt
Use the command trac-admin /srv/trac/projectX wiki list to view Wiki entries.


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