From PanoZona


Author Igor Zevako
Module version 1.1
Compatibility SaladoPlayer 1.2 +

Module allows to display lens flare effect at specified position on panorama.

Configuration structure

Configuration details


Attribute TypeSub-attribute TypeDefaultValuesDescription
path S - - path to swf file Mandatory attribute. Value points to module swf file.


Attribute TypeSub-attribute TypeDefaultValuesDescription
panorama S - - panorama id Mandatory attribute. Name of panorama where LensFlare should be visible in.
location O pan N 0 -180 to 180 Pan (horizontal) coordinate of point of light (position where the flares should start from).
tilt N 0 -90 to 90 Tilt (vertical) coordinate of point of light (position where the flares should start from).
brightness O level N 150 0 to 255 Maximum brightness level. Is reached at the moment when point of light matches screen center during panorama rotation. Moving away from this point brightness evenly decreases and finally disappears within distance (in degrees) which set in brightness.distance sub-attribute.
distance N 20 0 to 180 Distance in degrees to point of light where brightness starts to take effect.
path S - - path to grid image Mandatory attribute. The grid of lens flares. Grid should consists of one row and unlimited number of columns. Every single image in grid should be square. Width and height of every square should be equal to grid height. One-pixel size border should be placed between the squares.
positions N - - flares positions numbers separated by "|" Optional attribute. Positions of the flares from grid. If not set, generated automatically with an uniform distribution (from 0.5 to 2.5). Position 1 means to show flare on the center of screen. Position 0 is point of light. Position 0.5 - half way, 2 - double way from point of light to screen center. Other numbers may be obtained from this line, respectively. Example (if there are 4 elements in grid): "0.7|1.1|1.7|2"