xmlbeansxx::XmlObject Class Reference

#include <XmlTypesGen.h>

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class  Factory
class  Names

Public Member Functions

 XmlObject ()
virtual void setXmlObject (const xmlbeansxx::XmlObject &p)
virtual const
getOrginSchemaType () const
 XmlObject (const ContentsPtr &p)
virtual ~XmlObject ()
virtual int documentElementNamespaceID () const
virtual void serialize (std::ostream &out, XmlOptions options=XmlOptions()) const
virtual std::string toString (XmlOptions options=XmlOptions()) const
virtual XmlObject clone () const
virtual std::string getSimpleContent () const
virtual void setSimpleContent (const std::string &value)
virtual std::string getCanonicalContent () const
virtual XmlObject query (const std::string &elementName, QueryNodePtr queryExpr) const
virtual XmlObject cquery (const std::string &elementName, QueryNodePtr queryExpr, ObjectCreatorFn createFn=NULL)
virtual std::string digest () const
bool setAnyElement (const QName &elementName, const std::string &content)
virtual std::string exchangeEntities (const std::string &str) const
void free ()
std::vector< XmlObjectselectPath (const std::string &path)
std::vector< XmlObjectselectPath (const NSMap &ns, const std::string &path)
const std::vector< XmlObjectselectPath (const std::string &path) const
const std::vector< XmlObjectselectPath (const NSMap &ns, const std::string &path) const
std::vector< XmlObjectcselectPath (const std::string &path)
std::vector< XmlObjectcselectPath (const NSMap &ns, const std::string &path)
virtual void createContents ()
virtual bool hasContents () const
virtual void swapContents (const ContentsPtr &p)
virtual const
getSchemaType () const
 operator bool () const
void setElement (const QName &name, const XmlObject &element, int index=0)
void setAttribute (const QName &name, const XmlAnySimpleType &attribute)
XmlCursor newCursor ()

Static Public Member Functions

static const
type ()

Public Attributes

ContentsPtr contents

Protected Member Functions

template<class T >
boost::shared_ptr< T > defaultValue (boost::shared_ptr< T > value, std::string defaultText) const
template<class T >
std::vector< boost::shared_ptr
< T > > & 
defaultArrayValue (std::vector< boost::shared_ptr< T > > &array_value, std::string defaultText) const
virtual void _setXmlObject (const xmlbeansxx::XmlObject &p, bool castTest, const char *toString)

Private Member Functions

std::pair< std::string,
std::string > 
getXpathToken (std::string xpath) const
ContentsPtr walkXpath (const std::string xpath, std::string &lastName, bool createElems)
bool isAttr (const std::string name)
std::pair< std::string, int > decomposeElem (const std::string name)

Static Private Member Functions

static xmlbeansxx::SchemaType initSchemaType ()


class MyHandler
class Contents
class Contents::Walker
class XmlArray
class QueryAttribute
class QueryElement

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::_setXmlObject ( const xmlbeansxx::XmlObject p,
bool  castTest,
const char *  toString 
) [protected, virtual]
XmlObject xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::cquery ( const std::string &  elementName,
QueryNodePtr  queryExpr,
ObjectCreatorFn  createFn = NULL 
) [virtual]
std::vector< XmlObject > xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::cselectPath ( const std::string &  path)
std::vector< XmlObject > xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::cselectPath ( const NSMap ns,
const std::string &  path 
std::pair<std::string,int> xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::decomposeElem ( const std::string  name) [private]
template<class T >
std::vector<boost::shared_ptr<T> >& xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::defaultArrayValue ( std::vector< boost::shared_ptr< T > > &  array_value,
std::string  defaultText 
) const [inline, protected]
template<class T >
boost::shared_ptr<T> xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::defaultValue ( boost::shared_ptr< T >  value,
std::string  defaultText 
) const [inline, protected]
std::string xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::digest ( ) const [virtual]
std::string xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::exchangeEntities ( const std::string &  str) const [virtual]

Frees contents of whole subtree of this object. After this, object remains empty.

std::string xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::getCanonicalContent ( ) const [virtual]

Returns canonical simple content of XmlObject

Reimplemented in xmlbeansxx::XmlBoolean.

const SchemaType * xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::getSchemaType ( ) const [virtual]
std::string xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::getSimpleContent ( ) const [virtual]
std::pair< std::string, std::string > xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::getXpathToken ( std::string  xpath) const [private]
bool xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::hasContents ( ) const [virtual]
bool xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::isAttr ( const std::string  name) [private]
xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::operator bool ( ) const

Reimplemented in xmlbeansxx::XmlBoolean.

XmlObject xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::query ( const std::string &  elementName,
QueryNodePtr  queryExpr 
) const [virtual]

Selects first XmlObject that meets given criteria

std::vector< XmlObject > xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::selectPath ( const std::string &  path)
std::vector< XmlObject > xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::selectPath ( const NSMap ns,
const std::string &  path 
const std::vector< XmlObject > xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::selectPath ( const std::string &  path) const
const std::vector< XmlObject > xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::selectPath ( const NSMap ns,
const std::string &  path 
) const
void xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::serialize ( std::ostream &  out,
XmlOptions  options = XmlOptions() 
) const [virtual]

Serializes object to stream

Reimplemented in xmlbeansxx::XmlObjectDocument.

bool xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::setAnyElement ( const QName elementName,
const std::string &  content 
void xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::setAttribute ( const QName name,
const XmlAnySimpleType attribute 
void xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::setElement ( const QName name,
const XmlObject element,
int  index = 0 
void xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::setSimpleContent ( const std::string &  value) [virtual]
void xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::swapContents ( const ContentsPtr p) [virtual]

STAWEL - not needed for shared_ptr #ifdef BOOST_HAS_THREADS boost::recursive_mutex &XmlObject::mutex() const { return contents->mutex; } #endif

std::string xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::toString ( XmlOptions  options = XmlOptions()) const [virtual]

Serializes object to string

ContentsPtr xmlbeansxx::XmlObject::walkXpath ( const std::string  xpath,
std::string &  lastName,
bool  createElems 
) [private]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class Contents [friend]
friend class Contents::Walker [friend]
friend class MyHandler [friend]
friend class QueryAttribute [friend]
friend class QueryElement [friend]
friend class XmlArray [friend]

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