xmlbeansxx::XmlOptions Class Reference

#include <XmlOptions.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XmlOptions ()
void setValidation (bool v)
bool getValidation ()
void setPrintXmlDeclaration (bool d)
bool getPrintXmlDeclaration ()
bool getTypedParsing ()
void setTypedParsing (bool v)
void setSerializeInnerTypes (bool v)
bool getSerializeInnerTypes ()
void setSerializeTypes (bool v)
bool getSerializeTypes ()
bool getSerializePersistent ()
void setSerializePersistent (bool v)

Static Public Member Functions

static XmlOptions serializeInnerTypes ()
static XmlOptions serializePersistent ()
static XmlOptions serializeTypes ()

Private Attributes

bool v
bool d
bool tp
bool st
bool sit
bool pers

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Member Function Documentation

void xmlbeansxx::XmlOptions::setSerializeTypes ( bool  v) [inline]
void xmlbeansxx::XmlOptions::setTypedParsing ( bool  v) [inline]
void xmlbeansxx::XmlOptions::setValidation ( bool  v) [inline]

Member Data Documentation

bool xmlbeansxx::XmlOptions::d [private]
bool xmlbeansxx::XmlOptions::v [private]

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