xmlbeansxx::XmlBeans Class Reference

#include <XmlBeans.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static const StoreString xs_ns ()
static const StoreString xsi_ns ()
static const StoreString innerType_ns ()
static const QNamexsi_type ()
static const QNametextElementName ()
static const QNamexml_fragment ()
static const QNamexsi_array ()
static const StoreString xmlns ()
static const std::string & persistentPrefix ()
static std::string encoding (std::string encoding=std::string())

Member Function Documentation

std::string xmlbeansxx::XmlBeans::encoding ( std::string  encoding = std::string()) [static]

inner Type namespaceURI name

const std::string & xmlbeansxx::XmlBeans::persistentPrefix ( ) [static]

a name prefix indicating that the element is temporary (not set in the orginal xml)

QName of the text "element" name (the string content of an xml is stored as an element of this name, this element is not visible)

xmlns namespaceURI name

Schema namespaceURI name.

const QName & xmlbeansxx::XmlBeans::xsi_array ( ) [static]

xsi:array QName

Schema instance namespaceURI name.

const QName & xmlbeansxx::XmlBeans::xsi_type ( ) [static]

xsi:type QName

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