xmlbeansxx::StoreString Class Reference

#include <StoreString.h>

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class  Hash

Public Member Functions

 StoreString ()
 StoreString (const StoreString &from)
 StoreString (const std::string &str)
 StoreString (const char *str)
 ~StoreString ()
void free ()
const char * c_str () const
unsigned int hashCode () const
StoreStringoperator= (const StoreString &b)
bool operator== (const StoreString &str) const
 operator std::string () const
std::string toString () const

Static Public Member Functions

static StoreString store (const std::string &str)
static StoreString store (const char *cs)

Private Member Functions

bool isStored () const
void construct (const std::string &str)
void copyFrom (const StoreString &from)

Static Private Member Functions

static StringStoragegetStorage ()

Private Attributes

unsigned long buf

Detailed Description

Immutable string with ability to remember globally some strings. User can use static method 'store' to remember some strings.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xmlbeansxx::StoreString::StoreString ( const std::string &  str)
xmlbeansxx::StoreString::StoreString ( const char *  str)

Member Function Documentation

const char * xmlbeansxx::StoreString::c_str ( ) const [inline]
void xmlbeansxx::StoreString::construct ( const std::string &  str) [private]
void xmlbeansxx::StoreString::copyFrom ( const StoreString from) [inline, private]
unsigned int xmlbeansxx::StoreString::hashCode ( ) const [inline]
bool xmlbeansxx::StoreString::isStored ( ) const [inline, private]
xmlbeansxx::StoreString::operator std::string ( ) const [inline]
StoreString & xmlbeansxx::StoreString::operator= ( const StoreString b) [inline]
bool xmlbeansxx::StoreString::operator== ( const StoreString str) const [inline]
StoreString xmlbeansxx::StoreString::store ( const std::string &  str) [static]

Remembers a string in collection, so it won't be allocated several times.

StoreString xmlbeansxx::StoreString::store ( const char *  cs) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::StoreString::toString ( ) const

Member Data Documentation

unsigned long xmlbeansxx::StoreString::buf [private]

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