xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser Class Reference

#include <XmlParser.h>

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struct  StackEl

Public Member Functions

 EmptyParser ()
 EmptyParser (const XmlOptions &options)
virtual ~EmptyParser ()
virtual XmlOptions getXmlOptions () const
virtual void setXmlOptions (const XmlOptions &options)
virtual QName nsSplit (const std::string &str, bool isAttr=false)
virtual QName getQName (const char *prefix, const char *localname, bool isAttr=false)
virtual std::pair< std::string,
std::string > 
tagSplit (const std::string &str)
virtual void addError (const char *msg)
virtual std::list< std::string > getSchemaValidityErrors () const
virtual void addWarning (const char *msg)
virtual std::list< std::string > getSchemaValidityWarnings () const

Public Attributes

XmlContext xmlContext
std::stack< StackElnodesStack
std::string currentString

Protected Attributes

std::list< std::string > errors
std::list< std::string > warnings
XmlOptions options

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::EmptyParser ( const XmlOptions options) [inline]
virtual xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::~EmptyParser ( ) [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

virtual void xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::addError ( const char *  msg) [inline, virtual]
virtual void xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::addWarning ( const char *  msg) [inline, virtual]
QName xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::getQName ( const char *  prefix,
const char *  localname,
bool  isAttr = false 
) [virtual]
virtual std::list<std::string> xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::getSchemaValidityErrors ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual std::list<std::string> xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::getSchemaValidityWarnings ( ) const [inline, virtual]
virtual XmlOptions xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::getXmlOptions ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Implements xmlbeansxx::XmlParser.

QName xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::nsSplit ( const std::string &  str,
bool  isAttr = false 
) [virtual]

converts eg. "xs:string" to <nr,"string">, where nr is namespace ID in globalTypeSystem

virtual void xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::setXmlOptions ( const XmlOptions options) [inline, virtual]

Implements xmlbeansxx::XmlParser.

std::pair< std::string, std::string > xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::tagSplit ( const std::string &  str) [virtual]

converts "xs:string" to <"xs","string">

Member Data Documentation

std::list<std::string> xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::errors [protected]
std::list<std::string> xmlbeansxx::EmptyParser::warnings [protected]

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