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modules.dep(5)							modules.dep(5)

       modules.dep -- List of module dependencies

       The  modules.dep	 as  generated	by module-init-tools depmod, lists the
       dependencies for	 every	module	in  the	 directories  under  /lib/mod-
       ules/version, where modules.dep is.

       Blank  lines,  and  lines  starting  with  a  '#' (ignoring spaces) are
       ignored.	 Other lines are of the form "filename: [filename]*",  listing
       the complete dependencies for the first filename in descending order.

       For  example,  if  /lib/modules/2.5.53/kernel/a.ko depended on b.ko and
       c.ko in the same directory, and c.ko depended on b.ko as well, the file
       might look like:

       # This is a comment.
       /lib/modules/2.5.53/kernel/a.ko: /lib/modules/2.5.53/kernel/c.ko /lib/modules/2.5.53/kernel/b.ko
       /lib/modules/2.5.53/kernel/c.ko: /lib/modules/2.5.53/kernel/b.ko

       This  file  is used by modprobe to know the order to load modules (they
       are loaded right to left, and removed left to right).

       This manual page Copyright 2002, Rusty Russell, IBM Corporation.


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