xmlbeansxx::ElemDict Struct Reference

#include <Dict.h>

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Public Types

typedef xmlbeansxx::ContentsPtr data_type
typedef DictEl< data_typevalue_type
typedef std::vector< value_typeContentsType

Public Member Functions

int size () const
bool hasEmptyContent () const
value_type find (const QName &u, int nr=0) const
int count (const QName &u) const
void add (const QName &u, data_type v)
void set (const QName &u, int pos, data_type v)
int del (const QName &u)
void removeAt (const QName &name, int index)
void free ()

Public Attributes

ContentsType contents

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Duplicates u, but not v

int xmlbeansxx::ElemDict::count ( const QName u) const
int xmlbeansxx::ElemDict::del ( const QName u)
ElemDict::value_type xmlbeansxx::ElemDict::find ( const QName u,
int  nr = 0 
) const
void xmlbeansxx::ElemDict::removeAt ( const QName name,
int  index 
void xmlbeansxx::ElemDict::set ( const QName u,
int  pos,
ElemDict::data_type  v 

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