xmlbeansxx::TextUtils Class Reference

#include <TextUtils.h>

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Public Types

enum  EscapeFlags { StdEscapes, AttrEscapes }

Static Public Member Functions

static int getPrecision ()
static void setPrecision (int p)
static std::string intToString (int i)
static std::string mpzToString (const mpz_class &d)
static std::string floatToString (float f)
static std::string doubleToString (double d)
static std::string longDoubleToString (long double d)
static std::string mpfToString (const mpf_class &d)
static std::string floatToString (float f, int precision)
static std::string doubleToString (double d, int precision)
static std::string longDoubleToString (long double d, int precision)
static std::string mpfToString (const mpf_class &d, int precision)
static std::string ptrToString (const void *ptr)
static std::string boolToString (bool b)
static bool isWhite (char ch)
static std::string collapse (const std::string &str)
static std::string exchangeEntities (const std::string &str, TextUtils::EscapeFlags escapeFlag=StdEscapes)
static std::string exchangeEntitiesWithCDATA (const std::string &str)
static std::string applyContentTypeRules (const std::string &str, const SchemaType *st)
static bool isDigit (char c)
static bool areDigits (const std::string &d)
static bool checkInteger (const std::string &num)
static bool checkDecimal (const std::string &num)
static bool checkDate (const std::string &date)
< unsigned char > 
base64Decode (const std::string &what)
static std::string base64Encode (xmlbeansxx::shared_array< unsigned char > what)

Private Member Functions

 TextUtils ()

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Member Function Documentation

std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::applyContentTypeRules ( const std::string &  str,
const SchemaType st 
) [static]
bool xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::areDigits ( const std::string &  d) [static]
xmlbeansxx::shared_array< unsigned char > xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::base64Decode ( const std::string &  what) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::base64Encode ( xmlbeansxx::shared_array< unsigned char >  what) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::boolToString ( bool  b) [static]
bool xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::checkDate ( const std::string &  date) [static]
bool xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::checkDecimal ( const std::string &  num) [static]
bool xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::checkInteger ( const std::string &  num) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::collapse ( const std::string &  str) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::doubleToString ( double  d) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::doubleToString ( double  d,
int  precision 
) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::exchangeEntities ( const std::string &  str,
TextUtils::EscapeFlags  escapeFlag = StdEscapes 
) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::exchangeEntitiesWithCDATA ( const std::string &  str) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::floatToString ( float  f) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::floatToString ( float  f,
int  precision 
) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::intToString ( int  i) [static]
bool xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::isDigit ( char  c) [static]
bool xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::isWhite ( char  ch) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::longDoubleToString ( long double  d) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::longDoubleToString ( long double  d,
int  precision 
) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::mpfToString ( const mpf_class d) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::mpfToString ( const mpf_class d,
int  precision 
) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::mpzToString ( const mpz_class d) [static]
std::string xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::ptrToString ( const void *  ptr) [static]
void xmlbeansxx::TextUtils::setPrecision ( int  p) [static]

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