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Note that the first section to "Administer Database" is like the user's interface except that /etc/awebdap.conf file is configured so that it exposes data not normally pressented to the user. The modify link may also give the administrator update access to LDAP attributes not normally viewed through the users interface.

The "Add an entry" section is a separate HTML form although it draws it's configuration from the same "awebdapdomain" within the /etc/awebdap.conf file. The "Organizational Unit" was configured as a pulldown menu because any mistake in spelling would result in an error. The "Organizational Unit" must match an existing object definition in the LDAP database. Fields representing mandatory entries to generate the LDAP "dn" are pressented. The LDAP "objectClass" definitions are held in the configuration file. The "State" field was added to show that other entries may be added.

Look at the file /etc/awebdap.conf and this page ("View" + "Page Source") to see how they have been configured to work together.

See the aWebDap Home Page at